A Talk at Sychdyn WI

The ladies of Sychdyn WI near Chester kindly invited me to give a talk about reflexology last week.  It’s always a bit nerve-wracking standing in front of quite a lot of people and trying to engage them – even when it’s a subject that you’re as passionate about as I am about reflexology.  I vividly remember the first talk I ever gave at an international conference on drug misuse. The room was packed when I stood up as the speaker before me was very well known and his talk was really excellent.  Then, as I began to talk about statistics, data sharing and capture-recapture analysis the room rapidly started to empty!

The WI ladies were a much kinder audience, joining in with the hand reflexology and coming up with some excellent questions.  I think I learned as much about speaking as they did about reflexology so hopefully everyone came away with something.  Here I am giving my famous explanation of why the hand reflex chart is orientated as it is.


The WI will be celebrating its centenary next year, a hundred years of promoting women’s education, involving and revitalising rural communities and campaigning on worthwhile issues.  You can find out more about what they do and where your nearest branches are on the National Federation website.

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