About me

Lisa_Hardi_Reflexology_ChesterSince my first experience of reflexology several years ago, I have become ever more convinced that holistic therapies are of real benefit to many people, whether they are looking for relief from an illness or condition which is concerning them or seeking to achieve the ideal balance of body, mind and spirit.

I am fascinated by the question of how reflexology works, whether it can be explained as a mind/body phenomenon, in biological terms such as nerve impulses or intracellular energy transfer, or whether it has its basis in a more enigmatic form of energy such as that called qi or prana.  I continue to explore all of these disciplines both for personal interest and in order to ensure I give my clients the best possible treatments and care.

“Lisa is a relaxed and friendly person and she put me at ease right from our first introduction. She puts a lot of time into preparing herself for each session to make sure that both the client, and herself, get the most out of their time together. I always felt that she cared about how I was responding to the treatment, both during and after each session, and my stress levels are greatly reduced due to my time spent with Lisa. Highly recommended.” MW

On this journey I also study and practice reiki, a form of pure energy therapy, which I have found to be both healing and transformational.

Before training as a holistic therapist I worked in public health research and research support at universities in Liverpool and London.


  • Reiki master practitioner, qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist
  • BSc psychology & PGDip occupational psychology

Additional studies

  • Reflexology for fertility and maternity, reflexology for women’s health
  • Light Touch Reflextherapy
  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage
  • Cancer care workshop for holistic practitioners
  • Currently studying therapeutic shamanism with Paul Francis

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