About me

I recently came across a phrase that I feel describes me at the moment – “recovering scientist”.  My education was conventional and I took a science degree in psychology which eventually lead to academic research and research support at universities in London and Liverpool.  I found this work challenging but essentially unfulfilling.

Some time later, and seeking a complete change of work, I decided to take a vocational course in reflexology – still thinking as a scientist that it must “work” through some complex interaction that could be explained by biology alone.  Instead – and thankfully – I began to learn and experience so much that our modern Western science has not yet explained or caught up with, and eventually was led to study the most ancient of all practices – shamanism.  To not just practice but to live shamanically feels like coming home, and enables me to be my most authentic self.


  • Therapeutic shamanism practitioner 3 Ravens College
  • Reiki master practitioner, qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist Gaia School
  • BSc psychology & PGDip occupational psychology

Additional studies

  • Reflexology for fertility and maternity, reflexology for women’s health
  • Light Touch Reflextherapy
  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage
  • Cancer care workshop for holistic practitioners