About reflexology

Reflexology uses pressure techniques on points called reflexes on the feet or hands which are believed to reflect or correspond to areas or organs of the body.  This has the overall effect of promoting deep relaxation and the halting of the stress response which makes it possible for the body to function correctly and heal itself more easily.  While we all experience some stress in our daily lives, problematic stress can be relentless and overwhelming, becoming a major risk factor for all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems.  A recent study has highlighted and explained more about how stress causes inflammation in the body which can lead to poor circulatory function increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes for example.

As a highly qualified reflexologist, I give what are considered to be clinical reflexology treatments applying pressure techniques to specific reflexes to promote normal function in these areas.  This is far from a simple foot massage, it is a holistic therapy tailored to each and every client on the day of treatment and takes into account their medical, emotional and psychological needs.

“I am a reflexologist myself and I had been looking for a reflexologist in the area so that I could also have treatments. I have now been a client of Lisa’s for about a year and I look forward to my appointment with her every month! She has seen me through some very stressful times, as well as a half marathon. Lisa’s treatments are always professional but friendly as well as incredibly relaxing and thorough with really useful aftercare advice too. The only downside is when the treatment ends!” Ceri

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