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“And we’re prisoners of our own Western science; indigenous people have long known that plants will communicate with each other.”  Suzanne Simard

My education was conventional and I took a science degree in psychology which eventually led to working in academic research and research support at universities in London and Liverpool.  I found this challenging but essentially unfulfilling.

Some time later, and seeking a complete change, I decided to take a vocational course in reflexology – still thinking as a scientist that it must “work” through some complex interaction that could be explained by biology alone.  Instead – and thankfully – I began to learn and experience so much that our Western science has not yet explained or caught up with, and eventually was led to the most ancient of all practices – shamanism.  To not just practice but to live shamanically reconnects me as my authentic self within the web of life.


  • Therapeutic shamanism practitioner 3 Ravens College
  • Reiki master practitioner, qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist Gaia School
  • BSc psychology & PGDip occupational psychology

Shamanic and reiki sessions:

£35 for the first hour and £30 per hour thereafter
Aromatherapy Dispensary

Usually the same as NHS prescription charge (£9) plus P&P

Suzanne Simard quote from http://nautil.us/issue/77/underworldsnbsp/never-underestimate-the-intelligence-of-trees