How many therapy sessions should you have?

This is a question I often get asked, particularly by clients who are new to complementary therapies, possibly because they are used to having a course of treatment laid out or prescribed for them by a GP or other allopathic medical practitioner.  As a holistic therapist I need to engage with each client individually in order to come up with a treatment plan as there are many considerations:

  • Is there a particular focus for the therapy(ies)?  Has there been a medical diagnosis?  Is it chronic (been going on for a long time) or acute (recent and/or severe)?  Is the client also currently receiving medical treatment?
  • Has the client had reflexology, reiki or aromatherapy in the past?  What reactions did they have to the treatment and how did they benefit?
  • Are there any other complementary therapies the client is receiving or has found of use in the past (e.g. acupuncture, EFT)?
  • What are the client’s preferences?  When are they free for treatments?  What impact will having treatments have on their day to day life?

Discussion of all these points forms part of the initial consultation and they should be reviewed at each therapy session depending on how the client is reacting to the treatments.  Some people find one or two reflexology sessions quite transformational and might not feel the need to come for any more.  Others may find that a course of 4 to 6 weekly treatments has enough effect that they can then come back at longer intervals of a month or more to continue the benefits – if they need to at all – or as problems flare up.  Some people find that complementary therapies are generally so helpful in coping with everyday stresses that they permanently include occasional treatments as part of their personal health plan.

As a self employed therapist I am, of course, very aware that most of my clients fund therapy fees themselves from their hard-earned and limited resources.  I always try to ensure that my clients receive the best possible treatments and charge fees that reflect the levels of training I have undergone and the experience I have which are comparable with similarly qualified holistic practitioners in the area.

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