May 4th

I’ve been a bit lacking in my rendition of the pagan calendar, after Imbolc we had the spring equinox and then on Sunday there was Beltane – or May Day as you might know it.  I was going to write on May Day but it really was a dismal scene here in Chester, rain heavy and miserable, chilly and nothing to be doing outside.  So we took the sensible approach and met up with friends for food, beer and fun.  Beltane/May Day is again about fertility, the tide of energy rising in the earth to bring forth the crops.  Cattle were driven out to the summer pastures and bonfires lit for their protective powers.  All the household fires would be extinguished and rekindled from the Beltane bonfires.  Sitting in the pub, having fun with friends, wasn’t therefore such an inappropriate thing to do on this day.  Instead of lighting bonfires and sharing the sacred flame we rekindled and renewed our own friendships and made arrangements for the future.

My own plans for the future have taken some unexpected turns lately.  In my professional life, one path is proving more tricky to take while another, which I had not thought to follow just now, is opening up.  People are or aren’t available, events are cancelled or pop up unexpectedly and, before you know it, in a few weeks you’re in a different pasture from the one you set out for.  On a personal level too, my wish to get back to nature and spend more time in garden and allotment has worked out differently – after some unpleasantness with allotment neighbours I have given up my plot.  To be perfectly honest this was something I had been thinking about for a while, last year I described it as “somewhere I forage for fruit among the weeds” but it was hard to let go of the project that I’d been working on for seven years.  Now it’s done, it feels like the right thing, and I wish the new tenant, whoever she or he may be, joy in their growing.  I will instead focus on my neglected garden and take joy in that.

So, what I really want to say in this post is that I wish everyone joy and success in their plans and tasks for the future.  May your gardens be abundant and your crops be sweet.  May your endeavours in all of your life be fruitful – even if you end up doing something quite different from what you had planned.  And don’t forget to connect with and give thanks for that earth energy that nourishes and inspires us every day and helps us make the right choices.  May the force be with you!

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