⟡ Practical Plant Medicine

Is there a niggly something that’s bothering you or won’t go away?  Have you tried prescription or
over the counter preparations without success?

There is a very wide range of essential oils available to the qualified aromatherapist, with multitudes of properties.  This means that blends can be made to alleviate symptoms or health problems offering very practical and real help to clients.  In my experience these can often help when there is no mainstream or pharmacy alternative.

The following are examples of blends I have made for clients which they have found helpful (but these are just examples – as always please contact me to discuss your requirements):

  • Blend to diffuse in the car to alleviate motion sickness
  • Balm to calm sinus inflammation and pain
  • Ointment to relieve pain & inflammation of chilblains
  • Cream to relieve a painful knee joint
  • Salve to help with psoriasis
  • Lotion & shower gel to help soothe itching skin
  • Gel to help relieve itching and sore skin
  • Gel to help relieve the discomfort of soft tissue trauma after an accident
  • Lotion to calm a facial rash
  • “Cooling” gel to help with the pain of sciatica
  • Gel to help relieve post-herpetic pain (after shingles)
  • Intensive salve to aid wound healing
  • Gel to help ease pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis
  • Shower gel to soothe and reduce irritation from hemorrhoids

In most cases blends can be made up for the price of a NHS prescription (currently £9 October 2019).  A consultation must be carried out for new clients, this may be in person or by phone or email, there is no additional charge for this.  Blends can be collected from me or I can post them.

“I recently tried one of Lisa’s aromatherapy blends after requesting a lotion or gel to help with my sciatica/aching joints.  The ‘cooling gel’ arrived in a stylish bottle with a handy pump dispenser and smelt divine! I used it three times daily for approximately two weeks. I was a little cautious at first as I have sensitive skin but had no problems after use. When applied to leg muscles, it had a marked effect on reducing my sciatica pain. Applications to my lower back gave a wonderful cooling sensation. I also found it particularly effective when applied to my neck and shoulder muscles with regards to reducing tension pain. I even used some on my temples when I had moderate headaches and again, I found it lessened the pain! And of course, it was wonderful when applied to aching feet! Perhaps the most interesting effect was when I applied a small amount over my lower abdomen for endometriosis and period pain… and it definitely reduced my pain! I highly recommend this cooling gel for soothing tight painful muscles and as an aid to reducing joint pain and will definitely be ordering some more of the cooling ‘potion’ in the future!” Emma, Kenilworth

No products are tested on animals and the majority are vegan friendly – beeswax is the only non-vegan ingredient I use.