Reflexology for women

The subtle therapy of reflexology is particularly useful in supporting the body’s endocrine system.  This is possibly because hormones themselves work on the principle that a tiny change – the presence or absence of a chemical in minute dilution – can effect a very large change in the physical body.  And of course we women are particularly vulnerable to hormone changes and imbalances at all stages of our lives.


Month after month the levels of different hormones in our bodies rise and fall in the oestrous cycle.  Common difficulties can include pms, irregular periods, painful periods, bloating and mood changes.

Year by year the levels of hormones our bodies produce rise and fall, from childhood to the menarche through the fertile years and then to later years when female hormones decline. Understanding how these changes affect day to day life is important as areas such as confidence and wellbeing are affected, outward signs like skin tone and body shape, child bearing and challenges including the onset of menopause and beyond.

For women who want to have children your endocrine system has a great deal to accomplish.  Hormones ready your body for pregnancy, sustain the growing child within you and finally prepare you for birth.  Reflexology during this time can help you to relax and support your body to cope with these challenges.  And for those experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant, reflexology can help you cope with this very stressful time.

Conceiving, experiencing a trouble free pregnancy and giving birth safely ought to be possible for most healthy couples and reflexology can help optimise health and well being at this time, ideally beginning treatments at three months before trying to conceive.

However, for more and more couples, fertility is an issue as modern lifestyles become more stressful and we move further away from the world our bodies originally evolved to thrive in.  At this time a natural therapy like reflexology can work with your body to try and combat imbalances that might be due to hormone levels, lifestyle or stress.

Reflexology and other holistic therapies are not a “magic bullet” – while they can and do provide very real support and help to couples trying to conceive, reflexology treatments should be seen as part of a serious commitment to healthy pre-conception and pregnancy care.  This could involve treatments over several months and the participation of both partners.

For couples who are undergoing treatment for assisted conception, reflexology can also provide support to help your body to cope with these demands.

In pregnancy reflexology can be a valuable tool to help tackle symptoms such as nausea, constipation, backache and fatigue amongst others, particularly at a time when you might wish to avoid medication.  Treatments can also help your body to prepare for labour but should never be thought of as “induction” of labour.  This helpful article by a leading maternity reflexology specialists explains why.  However reflexology is extremely useful for aiding relaxation and allowing your body to follow its own path into giving birth – particularly recommended for women who choose hypnobirthing.

“Lisa was recommended to me through a mutual acquaintance and I was a case study following her training, using a variety of methods. I immediately found her to be a very calm, professional and kind person who explains everything very clearly. I found the sessions very relaxing and beneficial for my energy levels, having previously been diagnosed with ME. I decided to continue treatments after the case study sessions.

After a short break, I continued sessions during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I feel that they have helped me to relax and be positive.
Lisa is knowledgable and passionate about reflexology and uses the perfect amount of pressure, for me, at least. I’d recommend giving reflexology a go for relaxation or specific health reasons.” Karen


If you would like to talk to me about how reflexology might be able to help you with any of these areas please contact me.

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