Cultures around the world have traditions of working with the energy that pervades the universe and flows through every living thing, yoga practitioners know this as prana and in China it is called qi or chi.  Reiki is the Japanese for “universal life force energy” and the practice of reiki is one way of working with this energy as a therapy.

Reiki practitioners are able to channel reiki energy to augment their own energy flow or to help others.  The reiki moves through the person receiving it and fortifies that person’s own energy to help remove blockages and encourage the body to rebalance itself.


In a reiki treatment session, I take a full medical and lifestyle history.  The client removes their shoes and is made comfortable on a couch.  I then begin the flow of reiki and direct this to the client by holding my hands at several positions on and around the head and shoulders and above the body, finishing with gently holding the feet to ground the client and end the treatment.  The treatments can be given completely off body if the client prefers.  The positions used often correspond to the centres of energy in the body known as chakras.  The treatment will typically last for about 50 minutes.

Most people find a reiki treatment very calming.  Sometimes clients experience feelings of energy movement in and around their bodies.  And sometimes people experience colour behind their eyelids, thought to be related to the particular chakra(s) that are benefitting from the treatment.  Other positive benefits can be experienced.

“I have had several reiki treatments with Lisa and I can honestly say from the moment the treatment starts it is total relaxation.
Lisa has a wonderful calm presence which immediately puts you at ease from the moment you meet. I felt an amazing warmth coming from her hands and after each treatment felt completely and totally relaxed but also energised. Lisa identified areas of blockage that I could identify with and worked towards opening them to allow the energy to flow. I always left feeling calm and able to face the challenges of life.”  Adrienne

How can reiki help you?

Reiki is a way of tuning in to universal energy that can assist with the flow of our own subtle energy in the body.  This energy is the same that is targeted in acupuncture or worked with in disciplines such as yoga or tai chi.

Everything in the universe is made of energy – you, me, animals, plants, the physical objects around us, thoughts and emotions.  Therefore everything we come into contact with can affect us via its energy field and this can be in a positive way – such as when we feel happier after a walk outdoors in nature.  Energy can also affect us in a negative way, other people’s demands and emotions can have lasting effects on us, our own thoughts and emotions can become wearing, depressing and even begin to affect our bodies with physical symptoms.

It’s often, therefore, helpful to turn to reiki for emotional difficulties, anxiety, situations where negative thoughts and worries are troubling you.  I have treated clients who have found reiki has helped with the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Difficulty overcoming negative thoughts and feelings
  • Some physical symptoms that may have an emotional element such as headaches, neuralgia and digestive problems

I am a fully qualified reiki master practitioner having passed Level I, II and III courses approved by the UK Reiki Federation.  Please contact me if you are interested in trying reiki and I will answer any questions you have and make an appointment to see you if you wish.