Resources – further reading if you’re interested

There are an awful lot of books available on the topics of holistic therapies, chakras, subtle energy and the like and it’s really difficult to find out which are any good without developing a very expensive book habit like mine.  So I thought it worth sharing the ones I think are worth looking at – and all of them are available through Cheshire libraries.

Reflexology texts are usually written from the point of view of learning how to do reflexology and there are many which are good.  I particularly like Chris Stormer’s books as she is a very experienced and intuitive reflexologist.  She has written the Teach Yourself guide “Get started in reflexology” which is excellent.

There are many, many books about reiki, some great and some not so great in my opinion.  Reiki is an extremely subjective experience so perhaps that explains some of the variety.  The basic one I like best is “Principles of Reiki” by Kajsa Krishni Boräng.  It’s a very personal account which speaks to me clearly and her knowledge and explanations are, I think, sound.  Also widely available are books by Penelope Quest which are excellent too and her “Reiki Manual” is the one recommended by my reiki master for those wishing to become reiki practitioners themselves.

For introductory aromatherapy texts I think Valerie Ann Worwood is excellent, her “Fragrant Pharmacy” is the first one to try and is packed with practical advice.  She has also written “The Fragrant Mind” and “The Fragrant Heavens” which cover aromatherapy for mood and the spiritual dimension respectively.  Anything by Julia Lawless, Patricia Davis, Shirley and Len Price, Robert Tisserand or Jennifer Peace Rhind is also recommended.

For a beginner’s guide to subtle energy, the chakras, dowsing and the use of crystals and so on my favourite is “Subtle Aromatherapy” by Patricia Davis.  Although it’s an aromatherapy text it covers all these in a very well written book by a respected author.  As a therapist I am also a great fan of John Cross‘s work, having been to two of his workshops.  His books are absolutely packed with original thinking about subtle energy therapies and will keep you on your toes.  They are not available from the library, unfortunately.

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