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Relax – and Enjoy It! – Dr Robert Sharpe

This is a relaxation programme which was first recommended to me nearly 20 years ago, and is one I still occasionally use myself and have suggested to several friends and clients that they try.  It works through biofeedback, taking you through tensing and releasing all the major muscle groups in the body so that you can feel the difference between tension and relaxation and learn to relax properly.  This enables the body to cope with stress and anxiety, promotes proper, restorative sleep and can really change your mood for the better.  It’s similar to some of the mindfulness techniques such as body scanning that are advised today, but I find it easier to use because you are actually doing something physical at the same time.

The benefits of doing this exercise are cumulative and, if you can devote 25 minutes every day to it, they can be immense.  If you are anxious, stressed, not sleeping well, tired all the time, depressed or simply not feeling at your best it is worth giving it a go.

Please note, I have no connection with the authors of this programme and derive no financial gain from it – I really think it is one of the most useful tools for coping with stress that I have come across.

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