⟡ Shamanic Healing

For me shamanism is about connecting back to the living natural world and seeking to be a whole and healthy human within that world. This is an intensely practical way of dealing with the stresses of modern life – the pressure to be constantly doing; the perpetual demands from work, family, technology. To stand quiet amidst our seething civilisation and feel the filaments that still hold us – to plants, animals, rocks, landscapes – takes us back to our roots as human animals and reminds us what really matters. Therapeutic shamanic healing can help us to bring back this connection into the everyday world and hold on to it to nurture and protect us.

A shamanic healing session usually centers around a journey to reconnect with the energies of the natural world on a deep level. I help clients identify what it is they wish to work on by asking for information by email first. Next we arrange a consultation in person or by phone/skype to determine exactly what we wish to work on. I then lead a shamanic journey using drumming, either alone or with the client participating. This is done in a relaxed altered state of consciousness and feels a bit like a guided meditation. Afterwards we unpack the journey, determining what it means for the client and how they can take it forward in their life. One session takes about 90 minutes/2 hours.

The learning and healing from a shamanic session may take some days or weeks to be processed and integrated. It then usually becomes apparent whether there is further work that needs to be done and what that might be. As the client becomes more used to actively participating in the work they may find they can begin to do it for themselves and integrate it more easily into their life.