Shamanic reiki

As modern humans, we have become out of touch with the natural world our ancestors lived in and disconnected ourselves from the web of life, or spiritual energy, that they depended on in every aspect of their lives.  Reiki can be seen as one way of reconnecting to this web and, as well as benefiting from the pure life energy that a reiki session channels, we can invite other energies, spirits or souls in to help us with healing.  For example these might be the energies of plants or trees, animals or crystals which have specific healing gifts to give us.  This is shamanic practice that was known to all ancient tribespeople and practised throughout the world for much longer than we have been more recently disconnected from it.

My personal way of giving reiki has developed along these shamanic lines as a natural progression, with the treatments that I give becoming, I believe, more effective and useful because of it.  A shamanic reiki session may feel no different to the client but, with connection to, and healing from, other natural forms such as plants and animals, it can give valuable guidance to what is needed for the client as well as improving the “targeting” of the healing energy.

Please therefore let me know if you are interested in receiving a shamanic reiki treatment and receiving feedback afterwards as to what happens within the session.  The charge for this is the same as for a standard reiki treatment.
07791 521310