⟡ Soul Retrieval

The concept of soul retrieval may seem quite daunting at first; the idea that a person may have “lost their soul” seems scary and macabre. However, soul retrieval in the shamanic sense is one of the core ways in which we can heal.

Our authentic, true soul cannot be lost or fractured. But the self that we hold onto in this everyday world, that we send out to work, that meets harshness and criticism from ourselves and others, can be at risk. We quite often send parts of ourselves away in order to fit in, to gain approval from others or to hide things that we are for whatever reason ashamed of. Soul retrieval can help us reconnect with these parts of self and, if we put in the effort, to become more wholly ourselves.

Important steps in the soul retrieval process can be; identifying which part of ourself is missing or has been sent away, why this happened or was done, whether the absence of this part has allowed other patterns or energies to take hold, finding and bringing back the lost part, re-integration and work to hold on to the soul part in the future.

Often there is another, more fundamental, healing to be done in order for soul retrieval to be effective. This is to address power loss, which affects almost all people in modern society to some extent. Power loss is when we have become disconnected from our natural self and the natural world around us and are no longer living as a connected part of the wider web of life. The most fundamental healing for power loss is to retrieve your Power Animal which plugs you back into the web.

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