Teaching Hand Reflexology in School

I recently spent a day teaching hand reflexology to classes of years 7 to 9 at a school in Chester, as part of a group of local Gaia School trained reflexologists delivering part of a health and wellbeing program.  As I was lucky enough to be working with Andrea Porritt, from InHarmony Reflexology, who is not only a talented reflexologist but also a fully qualified teacher, the day went extremely well and both of us enjoyed it and I think the pupils did too.

Clients who are used to receiving the more conventional form of foot reflexology may not be aware that this therapy can be practised using reflexes on other parts of the body.  Reflexes are present on the face, the ears, the arms and legs and the hands as well as the feet, and all can be used to trigger the body into tackling its own issues and moving towards a state of homeostasis.  While foot reflexology is more often used because it is very deeply relaxing – which aids and enables the healing process – hand reflexology has its advantages too.  For example, it can be used if there are infectious problems with the feet, such as athlete’s foot, or if the feet are injured or missing, and it can be used in situations where access to the feet is not easy such as in the classroom.  Instead of having to provide couches for everyone, with foot cleaning facilities and being aware of the added risks of having many people barefoot in a room at the same time, hands are accessible, easy to clean and easy to see.  Partners can practise on each other and both see what is going on as the reflexes are mapped out for them.

The other major benefit of hand reflexology is that it can be practised on yourself which is not the case with foot reflexology (unless you are an advanced yoga practitioner or similarly flexible person!).  As a self help tool it is very valuable and can be used, for example, to calm yourself down in stressful situations, to clear sinuses and tackle hay fever symptoms or for any number of other uses.

Perhaps you would like us to visit your school to teach a similar topic to some of your classes?  Or maybe you are part of a group that would enjoy learning some hand reflexology techniques?

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