The first flow – connecting to Mother Earth

Sit or stand comfortably with your feet flat on the floor.  It doesn’t matter if you’re outside or indoors, barefoot or shod, just feel the pressure of the sole of your foot against the ground as gravity makes the connection for you.

Relax your body.  Drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw, soften your knee joints.  Tilt your pelvis slightly backwards and forwards to find the sweet relaxed curve of your back and feel the tension in your abdominal muscles, adjusting until you’re comfortably supported.  Breathe gently in and out.  Calm your mind and let go of thoughts.

Bring your awareness back to the soles of your feet.  Feel the contact with the ground, reassuring and comforting.  Now envisage the chakras in the balls or the centres of your feet opening like lenses, focussed on the ground.  When you are ready, allow tiny, delicate root tips to grow out of your feet towards and into the ground, feeling their way into the earth.  As they grow downwards through the earth, creating a fine network that holds you supported by the ground, begin to feel the solidity of the deeper layers below, the stones and bedrock beneath.  Feel the enormity of Mother Earth who is always there to greet and support you.  Hold yourself relaxed and connected, supported and one with the earth.

After a while, if it hasn’t happened already, feel any unwanted tension in your body flow down through your roots into the earth.  Any feelings, energy, thoughts that you don’t need or want, let them go.  Imagine these draining away, taken into the earth and the bedrock down below to dissipate and be received.  The earth can take these back and transform them into timeless energy to be renewed and used again in a positive way.  There is, for you, infinite capacity to be greeted and supported in this way.

For now this is all, this is enough.  When you are feeling calm and refreshed, and ready to move on, say thank you to Mother Earth and gather back your awareness into your everyday self.  Ease up your feet from the floor knowing that even as you do this your feet will know and remember the connection for when you need it.


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