What’s ahead in 2016?

The winter solstice is an appropriate time to think about what’s happened in the past year and what we hope will come in the next. 2015 has been a busy year for me and I hope 2016 will be too.

This summer I completed my aromatherapy diploma and hence became a professional masseuse – not something I ever thought I’d do, but you can’t do an aromatherapy qualification in the UK without learning massage.  It was a nice surprise, as I developed the necessary skills, to understand that massage is a very valuable therapeutic tool and one much appreciated by my clients.  My main interest in aromatherapy still remains the use of essential oils in products to be applied to the skin as lotions, gels, balms etc., as the wide range of therapeutic benefits of these oils means the remedy can be truly tailored to the client.  This is a far cry from aromatherapy products bought retail which contain lower concentrations of essential oils and are formulated to suit a wide range of people which means they may not ideally suit any!  I intend to be offering a wider range of products to clients in 2016.

My other main focus this year has been taking my reiki studies further to the level known in the West as “master” – although the Japanese word sensei is more commonly translated as “teacher”.  I am doing this for two reasons, firstly to learn more about reiki and develop my skills as a practitioner for personal interest and so that I can offer clients the best reiki treatments possible.  The second reason is so that I will be able to teach reiki to others, and this I hope to begin at some point in 2016.  Please contact me if this is something you are interested in doing.

There are other schemes and collaborations in the pipeline for next year – as there always are – and it promises to be as full of change as this year was.  In the meantime I wish all my clients a very happy break and hope you all get time to relax and recharge properly.  And Happy New Year!  The days are getting longer now, the sun is returning and we can all plan for the future.

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