Winter weather

I’d just like to remind everyone that not only is it cold out there (and colder than usual inside here!) but it is also very, very dry. The humidity indicator in my hall is reading 30% which is very low indeed. At this level a lot of moisture is going to be lost from the skin – and when outside the effects of those biting winds are going to dry it out even more.

So – firstly don’t forget to drink a LOT. Water, not too cold, warm and hot drinks. Try not to increase your daily intake of caffeine as you increase your drinking, make those extra drinks fruit and herbal teas, fruit juice diluted with water or that good old British favourite, squash. A slice of lemon or other citrus in a mug of hot water is refreshing and cheery in the dull weather – all citrus essential oils are cheering and may even help combat viruses and other bugs. Avoid alcohol too as this dries out the body and skin.

Secondly, moisturise your skin to help prevent further water loss. You can’t really add water back in from the outside but you can help keep it in. Moisturising also softens the skin and prevents painful cracking and peeling. I like to use a simple oil based balm with essential oils of course – many essential oil molecules are so small that they can be absorbed through the skin. I choose those which are believed to be moisturising, calming to stressed skin and cheering to the emotions.

Thirdly, eat well. You are probably using more calories to keep warm and walking through wind and snow, and on ice is more tiring and will burn more energy. If you feel hungry between meals, listen to your body and have a healthy snack such as a piece of wholemeal toast or a banana. You need energy to stay alert and happy.
Lastly, at the end of the day you are probably going to feel tireder and more stressed. Your muscles are going to ache from the unaccustomed strains put on them just from simply trying not to fall over on slippery ice or battle against the wind. Have a hot bath or shower – with some muscle relaxing essential oils if you can*. Wear lots of layers of loose warm clothing, have lots of layers on the bed and get a good night’s sleep. It will be spring soon, honest.

* as ever don’t put essential oils directly into bath water. Dilute them in a bath oil or cup of (preferably) full fat milk first.

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