Your reflexology treatment

Reflexology_relaxing_Handbridge_ChesterI give reflexology treatments on the feet with clients relaxing in a comfortable recliner, only your socks and shoes need to be removed.  (I can also give reflexology on the hands if necessary).  On your first appointment I will take a full medical and personal history so that I can tailor the treatment for your needs.  I will check and clean your feet and give the treatment using a natural beeswax based ointment.  The treatment will take about 40 minutes and may include relaxing massage, pressure techniques and pauses for the holding of certain reflexes.

After a reflexology session most people feel rested and relaxed.  The treatment is aimed towards balancing the energy in the whole body and addressing any specific areas in which the client may have been experiencing imbalance before the session.  Following the session the body may continue to go through a process of adjusting itself.  To help the body complete its healing process it is important to:

    • Eat lightly for the rest of the day
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Rest and get plenty of sleep
    • Avoid alcohol and stimulants

Is reflexology for everyone?

Reflexology is a very safe therapy which works through the body’s own ability to rebalance itself and heal when necessary (this is known as homeostasis).  However there are a few circumstances in which reflexology may not be advisable and I am happy to give advice before booking a treatment.

Occasionally clients experience increased symptoms after a treatment such as pain or discomfort in an area where they were previously feeling unwell.  This healing reaction can also be part of the body’s rebalancing process and any of these symptoms should disappear within a day or two

Some people experience one or more of the following after reflexology, increased or more frequent urination or change in bowel habits; tiredness or, conversely, increased energy and vitality; headache; appetite changes; emotional changes.  These experiences should also resolve themselves and can be an important part of the thrapeutic process.

I am always available to clients for post treatment advice or if they have any concerns.
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