Your reiki treatment

In a reiki treatment session, I take a full medical and lifestyle history.  The client removes their shoes and is made comfortable on a couch.  I then begin the flow of reiki and direct this to the client by holding my hands at several positions on and around the head and shoulders and above the body, finishing with gently holding the feet to ground the client and end the treatment.  The treatments can be given completely off body if the client prefers.  The positions used often correspond to the centres of energy in the body known as chakras.  The treatment will typically last for about 50 minutes, after which the client can continue to rest for a while before carrying on with their day.

Sometimes I may recommend that a client also receive aromatherapy during their reiki treatment using an oil burner/diffuser in the room.  I may also recommend a product to use at home afterwards.  These are usually offered at no extra cost.  I may also place crystals around the room or ask a client if they are happy to hold one or two or have them placed on their body.

Most people find a reiki treatment very calming.  Sometimes clients experience feelings of energy movement in and around their bodies.  And sometimes people experience colour behind their eyelids, thought to be related to the particular chakra(s) that are benefitting from the treatment.  Other positive benefits can be experienced.

“I have had several reiki treatments with Lisa and I can honestly say from the moment the treatment starts it is total relaxation.
Lisa has a wonderful calm presence which immediately puts you at ease from the moment you meet. I felt an amazing warmth coming from her hands and after each treatment felt completely and totally relaxed but also energised. Lisa identified areas of blockage that I could identify with and worked towards opening them to allow the energy to flow. I always left feeling calm and able to face the challenges of life.”  Adrienne

After a reiki treatment it is important to drink plenty of water.  Sometimes a healing reaction can occur in a similar way to after a reflexology treatment.  This is the body’s way of reestablishing homeostasis and rebalancing itself.

Reiki is safe for all people at all times because the universal energy only works for the ultimate good and will go where it is most needed.  However this also means that reiki cannot be manipulated and therefore may not always immediately work as we might expect it to.
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